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Ben Cipolla shares his uplifting new song ‘Enna’.

An ode to the sun-soaked, bustling city life of Sicily, ‘Enna’ sees Ben Cipolla dive into his family’s heritage and explore their world. The track is the antidote to the gloomy autumn weather with energising brass, smooth guitar riffs and joyful, gospel backing vocals around Ben’s effortless, rhythmic vocals.

Discussing the new single, Ben Cipolla shares: “Enna is about celebrating family roots in two different countries. I’m Wiltshire born and raised so recording it at Real World Studios made the whole experience extra special. Work on ‘Enna’ started at Abbey Road Studios in December 2019 with the bulk of the song being recorded in September 2020 at Real World by Oli Jacobs (Harry Styles). Enna was written during my 2019 trip to Sicily to discover my family's heritage and history; it's a love letter to the city I discovered. The bright, upbeat horns reflect the welcoming party atmosphere I found whilst the groove of the song is symptomatic of Enna's laid back, daily city life.”

Ben Cipolla returns to the music scene with this delightful offering, and if this one is anything to go by, we’re in for a treat in the coming year.

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