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Benjamin Ingrosso teams up with Olly Alexander on 'Kite'

With Years & Years' Olly Alexander ready to represent the UK at this year's Eurovision Song Contest, he has now joined forces with Swedish artist Benjamin Ingrosso to deliver the infectious new single 'Kite'.

Flowing with this incredibly absorbing beat that keeping the momentum moving forward, 'Kite' is one of those rare earworms you just have to listen to again and again. Brimming with a fresh and sun-kissed atmosphere from start to finish, they are certainly looking to get us ready for summer with this one.

Speaking about the collaboration, Benjamin Ingrosso said, “Can’t wait for people to hear this track. I’ve been a big fan of Olly’s music for many years and it feels very exciting to be releasing a song together with him now. Olly is an incredible person as well and extremely talented creative who I feel has added an amazing dimension to ‘Kite’.”

While Olly Alexander added, “When I first heard Kite, it made me feel sunny and happy, thank you Benjamin! It was a great experience working together, he’s a really sweet guy and I’m excited to be on this gem of a song.”


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