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REVIEW: Berne Turn Up The Heat In Debut E.P 'Stay'

London based duo, Berne, have taken the industry by storm with their passion for climate change. Whether it's creating an eco-friendly website or producing a new body of work that shows off the honest opinions they have about climate change, Berne are turning heads and becoming something special.

Even though the five-track E.P is full of honest lyricism, it's also full of dark melodies to help the listener really get in touch with their emotions as Berne produce the feeling of loss within climate change and how humanity should have done better.

The passion is clear to see, whether it's the clean-cut production or if it's the beautiful harmonies that raises hair upon the listeners arms.

Speaking on the E.P, the duo say:

“Our debut EP is a reflection of what keeps us up at night. It comes at a time when humans need to work together towards common goals more than ever. We really believe that small changes will collectively make a big impact and that is the common thread in all the songs.”

You can listen to the E.P below.



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