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Bertie Newman releases beautiful soft-pop ballad 'I Will'

Hackney born Bertie Newman has been making waves in the pop and singer-songwriter circle that is now harder than ever to break through. His evocative and melancholic approach to songwriting has been graciously refreshing in a world where people want to pull you in immediately with a quick chorus or wacky production, and he doesn't change with stunning new single 'I Will'.

“‘I Will’ explores the shift of my past pre conceptions and associations with particular objects, places and people to how I feel now. I wanted to show the change in my mental state by making an ultimately happy and hopeful song, sound somber, just as I once felt.”

A song that builds and carries more weight the more you listen to it, 'I Will' is a captivating pop-infused soundscape from Newman, who showcases his simply brilliant melodies throughout. It's highly atmospheric, and the reverb-drenched guitar feel like a warm blanket over your ears before Bernie's soft, yet enchanting vocals take over. Still at only 22, it's clear that with the audience he has already built, Newman could go on to be one of the biggest pop singer-songwriters to emerge in 2023.

Listen to 'I Will' in full below:


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