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Bertie Newman releases delicately beautiful soft folk single 'Wasted On Me'

Bertie Newman is a singer-songwriter who seems to carve out songs with immediate meaning and solace. His textural and meticulous approach to writing has seen him amass millions of streams with his soft folk explorations that hit that sweet spot between pop and indie. He is more than just a Spotify friendly artist though, and showcases this once again with stunning new single 'Wasted On Me'.

A stirring and melodically beautiful track, Newman offers up another catchy and dream-like atmosphere with his one of a kind dosage of indie-folk-pop. It's honest, vulnerable and hard-hitting lyrically, paired with the major chord progression and mellow production makes for an addictive listen. Perfect for your uplifting and heartfelt playlists, check out this newest offering from Bertie Newman and you'll be hooked in an instant.

“This track is about the initial insecurities felt when I first started dating my current partner. It explores the relationship between self-confidence and self-doubt in the context of entering a new relationship, and wondering whether you are good enough for them and if they are just wasting their time with you."

Stream 'Wasted On Me' here:


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