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  • Ellie McGuire

Bestial Mouths Presents New Album 'R.O.T.T. (inmyskin)'

As the voice and spirit of Bestial Mouths, Lynette Cerezo is a powerfully haunting figure. On stages all across the world, her enthralling performances take audiences to deeply emotional voidic visions.

For Bestial Mouths, their brand-new nine-track album, R.O.T.T. (inmyskin), signifies the start of the new cycle. The album features Bestial Mouths at its most polished, marking the pinnacle of singer Lynette Cerezo's journey thus far—emerging from trauma to reimagine the band as a solo-driven endeavor. Produced by Rhys Fulber, the album meditates on the darkwave oddities and industrial experiments of earlier works with tekno danceability.

R.O.T.T. (inmyskin), explores the lusher aspects of the wide palettes of darkwave, industrial, post-punk, and dread pop while dissecting the rawness of previous works to reveal polished, shining bone. Linking the tech-noir of THOUSANDNEEDLES remix LP to the charged industrialism and creativity of their previous album RESURRECTEDINBLACK, the album is a deeply moving listen that takes you to that universally accessible emotional whirlwind of ekstatik memory, which is as accessible as death.

The purer manufacturing simply serves to heighten the power of Bestial Mouths, giving ‘THE KNIFE’ razor-sharpened synthetic sadness and searing slow-burner ‘VAST MURMUR’ enormous weight. Cerezo soars like an enraged demon, crafting auditory magic and exaltations as beautiful as they are pain-soaked in genetic memory, exhorting bodily sovereignty with the anthemic ‘Hex (The Spell)’. ‘SLITSKIN’ challenges that very anthemization by posing the question of what transpires when a person outgrows their body yet remains imprisoned within it. Ultimately, the ‘ROAD OF THOUSAND TEARS’ tests one's ability to persevere through all hardships. A sound created by an endless cycle of repetition and pattern, like tunneling hopes into your skin only to become stuck in the same patterns.

R.O.T.T. (inmyskin), is a resonant piece of trauma pop that cries out for the dance floor, bringing you into that emotional vortex of shared ekstasis—as accessible as death—while teetering toward the light but always drawn backwards into the darkness of reality.

Speaking on the track, Bestial Mouths share, “Our new record on NGP bridges the experimentalism and charged industrialism of RESURRECTEDINBLACK with the remixed technoir of THOUSANDNEEDLES: a culmination of being fed naught but want and envy, of feeling things crumble even as you build them, and the unceasing desire to come together and dance. We all need it, we're all yearning for it. This album is our internal release toward that end.”


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