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Beth McCarthy has ‘No Hard Feelings’ after the breakdown of a relationship

Beth McCarthy’s new anthem ‘No Hard Feelings’ is a refreshing breakup track in a world of bitter endings and regret. The rising Pop powerhouse navigates conflicting emotion with maturity and respect, turning it into an empowering anthem that is guaranteed to be on repeat.

Talking about the new track, Beth reveals: “Everyone has a song that got them through their worst break-up, usually one about how much the person hurt them or being ‘better off’ without them but my most painful break-up was completely civil and I never felt like there was a song for that. I didn’t hate the person, I still had love for them, we just weren't right for each other and despite there being no hard feelings between us, the feelings were still really hard to deal with.”

“I wanted this song to be the title track of the EP because of the clear irony that a collection of bitter break-up songs would be called ‘No Hard Feelings’. To me, it’s almost like each song is a snapshot of a different break-up and the lyric ‘feelings are hard’ from ‘No Hard Feelings’ is ultimately what ties them all together.”

Beth McCarthy has once again proved that her strain of Pop is like no other and we’re here for it!



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