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Billy Mick Releases Newest Fun Filled Track 'Levelling Up'

Billy Mick’s latest single ‘Levelling up’ is as energetic and full of life as the singer himself. The title track from his forthcoming album is a playful combination of 80’s synth pop and good old rock n roll.

The message of the song is clear as day, take every day as it comes and look at every new day as an opportunity to better yourself and live life to the fullest. Inspired by the lights colours and sounds of the gaming world as well as a culmination of his own life experience, it is a song that is full of fun and life. Billy presents a thoroughly refreshing lease of life through all he does, from his sensational outfits to his incredible entertainment value.

Speaking to the meaning behind the track Billy adds, “This song is about how every single day we have the chance to be better. Every day is another opportunity to be the best “you” you can be and to keep on “Leveling Up”! I fancy myself a bit of a “gaymer” and one day I was taking a moment to re-center myself and focus on where I was going next on this journey of life; all of the sudden it just popped into my head “life is like a video game!” Everyone has obstacles, everyone learns new “powers” and abilities, people appear in your life to help you along the way; and again, every day is a chance to level up!”

Hailing from Florida, Billy has been impressing audiences around the world, starting out performing in theme parks and theatres. He has now started to focus his talents on an encouraging career in music, releasing his debut album ‘Just B’ in the summer of 2020.

Billy has built up a fantastic fan base and receives great support from his peers in the LGBTQ+ community and beyond. He proved himself to be a performer with an incredibly high output level through lockdown, live streaming shows every weekend and making full use of his theme park experience as well as a fantastic group of friends to film music videos.

Billy’s album of the same name is out now and available to stream.

Listen To 'Levelling Up' Here;

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