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Bleak Soul Unveils Track 'Mundane, USA'

With the announcement of their sophomore album, Shouting With Nothing To Say, set to release in March 2022, Benjamin Langford-Biss’ (formally of As It Is) latest project, Bleak Soul, has dropped new single 'Mundane, USA'.

Flaunting biting guitars and an impassioned vocal line, 'Mundane, USA' is a darkly emotive offering that stays with you after the first listen.

On the track, Benjamin shares, "Mundane, USA is easily the loudest song on a mostly quiet, somber and subtle record. It’s a song about a lot of things; in hindsight my drinking habits when I was on tour with As It Is weren’t great and it was definitely something I used to cope with the cyclic nature of touring. I was so burned out by it that every city blurred into one. I never felt like I could complain about it though because I was getting to live a life many only get to dream of and it felt selfish and ungrateful to ever moan."

"As much as we always promoted talking about your mental health, sometimes we didn’t heed our own advice and often felt isolated with massive imposter syndrome. So this is me venting with that 20/20 vision on things. I started writing it in the drab waiting room when I did Jury Service - I never ended up getting assigned to a trial so every day for over a week I sat pointlessly in the same room and that mundanity is what sparked the song and the theme.” Benjamin adds.

Check out 'Mundane, USA' below!



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