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  • Alice Smith

BLENDIN'ERA Releases Double A-Side 'All i wanna do' & Seven Dreamer

German-based music collective BLENDIN'ERA is set to electrify the airwaves with their latest release, a double-sided single featuring ‘All I wanna do’ and its B-side ‘Seven Dreamer’. This dynamic musical journey showcases the group's ability to seamlessly blend genres and collaborate with talented artists to create a sonic experience like no other. The brainchild of Rick T. (aka DJ Abstract), Castor Troy and Rob Fischer, who have teamed up with handpicked artists and producers like SaDBoY and Laura Lopez, among other singers, talented visual artists and designers from around the world to create a truly international collective based out of Germany dedicated to creating compelling electronic music.

Dive into the rhythmic waves of BLENDIN’ERA’s ‘All I wanna do’, a vibrant fusion of electrifying beats and soulful melodies. This track promises to take listeners on a musical journey, capturing the essence of letting go and embracing the moment. With its catchy chorus and smooth verses, ‘All I wanna do’ is the perfect anthem for beach outings, road trips, or laid-back home chilling. Laura Lopez and SaDBoy's smooth vocals add a refreshing touch, making this song a must-have on every playlist. Get ready to groove, because once you hit play, all you'll want to do is keep this track on repeat.

Then, light up the dance floor with BLENDIN’ERA’s ‘Seven Dreamer’. This dance anthem packs a punch with thumping basslines and exhilarating drops, destined to be the heart of every party playlist. As the beat takes over, BLENDIN’ERA’s artistry shines, weaving a tapestry of pulsating rhythms and dreamy synths that transport listeners to a world of endless euphoria. ‘Seven Dreamer’ is a call to all the dreamers out there to unite under the neon lights, dance until dawn, and embrace the night's energy. Let this track be your guide to the ultimate dance experience – turn up the volume and surrender to the rhythm.

With a wealth of experience throughout the industry across different genres and disciplines, BLENDIN’ERA is primed with boundless potential and the ability to merge and experiment across a wide range of genres. With Castor and Rick meeting in the early 90’s to create their first joint studio, eventually founding their own dance label with a third party called, ‘Energized’ which achieved two Top Ten Gold Hits (Discofans // Space Frog) and two Top 30 placements. Other collaborations and ventures followed with the likes of DJ Kenny Blake, Mousse T. and Sony Music Germany. After years of working together, the two brought on Rob to create BLENDIN’ERA. Rob is an accomplished musician, producer and mixing engineer, who has worked with a slew of artists over the years most notably ‘Amanda’ and iconic German rapper ‘Sido’ who reached gold status in 2017.

With their debut single ‘This Love’ and second single ‘When The Word is Running Down’ garnering support across an array of press and radio outlets along with a growing online listenership, BLENDIN’ERA’s third releases ‘All I wanna do’ and ‘Seven Dreamer’ look poised to catapult their profile further. With further releases to follow, the collective doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon.


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