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  • Alice Smith

BLENDIN'ERA Takes Electronic Music to New Heights with "When The World Is Running Down"

Germany-based collective BLENDIN'ERA is back with their latest single "When The World Is Running Down," featuring the powerful vocals of Laura Lopez, aka LauRAW, and a catchy B-side titled "Good Times." Formed by Rick T. (aka DJ Abstract), Castor Troy, and Rob Fischer, BLENDIN'ERA is a dynamic international collective dedicated to crafting captivating electronic music.

The single is a reimagining of The Police's 1980s hit "When The World Is Running Down, You Make The Best Of What's Still Around." In this rendition, BLENDIN'ERA infuses their expertly crafted electronic sounds with the powerhouse vocals of LauRAW, breathing new life into this beloved classic. The result is an uplifting blend that transcends time and genre, reminding us that even in the midst of chaos, there is beauty and hope to be found.

The B-side "Good Times" is an infectious track that celebrates life, love, and the joy of movement. Drawing influence from Daft Punk, BLENDIN'ERA has created a single that feels equally at home on the Ibiza party scene as it would at a backyard barbecue. The message is crystal clear: seize the day and savour every heartbeat.

Laura Lopez, also known as LauRAW, hails from Heidelberg and is a versatile Afro-Caribbean artist who writes and composes in both German and English. With over 15 years in the entertainment industry, she has graced countless stages worldwide alongside renowned artists such as Russ, Ana, Anderson Paak, and more. LauRAW's emotive vocals, positivity, spirituality, and captivating style allow her to shine across various genres, from Neo-Soul and Afro to Hip-Hop and electronic music. Her unique blend of talent and personality makes her a captivating artist with a global appeal.

Following the success of their debut single "This Love," BLENDIN'ERA is gearing up to make a lasting impact with "When The World Is Running Down" and "Good Times." With a commitment to consistent releases throughout the year, the collective shows no signs of slowing down. Their genre-spanning approach to electronic music and their ability to work with a diverse array of artists and producers position BLENDIN'ERA as a rising force in the music industry.


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