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  • FLEX Staff

BLK Is Here With The Video For Their Debut Track 'Got It'

We have got a new genre-melting trio in our midst! Bexk, Lilac X and Korahjay - aka BLK have been busy conjuring their powerful new sound during lockdown and are here with the video for their debut track ‘Got It’.

The trio who formed in 2019 have been refining their music and message and are ready to share some BLK girl magic. Working with a perfect blend of R&B, Pop and Hip Hop the women are fearlessly sharing a strong sense of women's power and embracing both their sexuality and individualism through the track. As with most video releases these days, the women have been crafty in creating a quality home-made zoom-style video with some serious sass.

The Toronto-based trio BLK is making music with a much bigger mission in mind. “We are changing the narrative on women working together,” shares Korahjay. To which Bexk adds, “We’re strong women who are bringing something new.” And Lilac X echoes that sentiment, “There is no template to what a woman should be.”

With an EP on its way, we look forward to seeing what it next from the trio. Check out the video here:



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