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Bloomfield Machine shines on the immersive new LP 'Left To Our Own Devices'

Ever since he first emerged with his breakthrough debut album 'Arguing With Success' back in 2017, US artist and producer Brian Kassan has seen his Bloomfield Machine project go from strength to strength. Turing out a wealth of mesmerising gems in the years since, he is now looking to continue his upward ascent once again on the immersive new LP 'Left To Our Own Devices'.

Exploring more of that warm and ethereal direction he has been honing for himself since his earliest beginnings, this new offering showcases some of his most beautifully alluring material to date. With nods to trip-hop, leftfield, and art-rock influences layered through, 'Left To Our Own Devices' stands as a wondrous return, brimming with fresh and innovative ideas.

Although he has been extremely busy in recent years, this marking his sixth full-length in six years, Kassan's Bloomfield Machine is still managing to cultivate new and interesting aesthetics in which to explore. With such a vibrant approach to his work from start to finish, he is definitely one of the more under-appreciated names we have come across so far this year.

Enjoy 'Left To Our Own Devices' below.


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