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Blossoming R&B artist and rapper Moodyy drops music video for new single 'EXPLORE' with Moneá

Virgina-based talented songwriter and musical engineer Ahmed Khalafaila, aka, Moodyy grew up in a Sudanese community. Providing listeners with a unique way of story-telling through the power of lyricism and speaking his truth on mental health and self-improvement as spiritual beings, this multi-faceted talent is undoubtedly an artist to watch out for this year.

Accumulating over 100,000 streams across Apple Music and Spotify alone, he continues to prove that he is not only a relatable artist but a figure that can connect with the masses.

Having released his ground-breaking single 'Come Thru' in 2020, which unveiled his alternative soul and R&B sound to the world, his latest single 'EXPLORE' is equally as thrilling, as he joins forces with blossoming vocalist Moneá for 'EXPLORE'.

'EXPLORE' is a stripped-back yet fierce offering from Moodyy. His trademark vocals combine with a luscious blend of elevating atmospherics, organic percussion and pulsating basslines, whilst Moneà's striking voice adds another layer to the track to bring out the spontaneous best in each artist. This track is raw, direct and sincere but it's the duo's collective purpose that stands out the most.


Check out the official music video for 'EXPLORE'


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