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  • Kenny Sandberg

Blu Jay Returns with New Single 'Trees'

Released today is Californian singer-songwriter, actress and fashionista Blu Jay's new single Trees. We're excited to share the track which was written about that time immediately after a break-up, something we're all familiar with.

The indie-pop offering delivers changing tempos and visual lyrics throughout that are so relatable. Blu Jay uses the the metaphor of a tree as an obstacle that got in the way of the relationship. In reality, someone is always responsible for the decaying nature that love often has, however difficult that can be to accept for the guilty party.

While some of Blu Jay's material is more on the indie side, Trees acts as an intimate youthful track in her armoury, which is growing steadily, along with her online following. It's exciting to think of what's next for the young artists as she continues to develop. For now, we'll keep enjoying Trees, which is out everywhere now!


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