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Brand new single 'Thinking About Her' from Ellie Grace

When better to drop an alt-pop anthem about your girlfriend than Pride Month? Well, that is exactly what Ellie Grace was thinking when she revealed her stunning first track of the year: 'Thinking About Her'.

Expertly demonstrating her remarkable song writing skills, Ellie commands her listeners, heart, mind, body and soul, as she retells the story of herself and her partner:

"'Thinking About Her' is about what it was like to fall in love with my girlfriend. It was actually so refreshing to write about the beautiful, exciting stage of falling in love, as it’s usually way too easy to fall into writing about when things go wrong. This is the first same-sex relationship I’ve had which I think made the feelings even more intense at the beginning."

Baring her soul to the world, Ellie is holding absolutely nothing back with her brand new track. Check out 'Thinking About Her' below:

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