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  • FLEX Staff

Bre Kennedy and Hadley Kennary Combined forces For Indie-Pop Single ‘Hardest Part'

Americana singer-songwriters Bre Kennedy and Hadley Kennary have combined forced to release their latest Indie-Pop single ‘Hardest Part’.

The Nashville-based artists are taking an introspective look at at the tough and confusing journey of ‘growing up’ and exploring the repercussions of this. The intimate track showcases the girls soulful and vulnerable vocal melodies as they flourish into an empowering sound. The stripped-back, rich acoustic guitar adds warmth to the song as stunning harmonies add depth and an ambient feel to the track. The duo command attention with their emotional candour.

The track is a bold first statement from both artists as they continue their promising trajectory into 2021. Kennedy will be releasing singles leading up to her full-length album due out summer, and Kennary will be releasing an EP in fall.

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