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Break Fifty release new single ‘Dreamland’

Featuring guest vocalist Ben Mason of Bound In Fear

After re-emerging in July, UK Nu-Core band ‘Break Fifty’ have shared a follow up single titled ‘Dreamland’. The new single which features guest vocals from Ben Mason (Bound In Fear / Pintglass), depicts a haunting dance with temptation, shedding light on the dark grip of substance abuse.

Vocalist Angus shares his outlook on the single - “The lyrics depict a dark and intense scene. Offering a feeling of fearlessness in the face of danger, represented by the "jaws of the beast" as “this is all I am”, offering myself to be consumed by the darkness. All self control is lost from substance and emotional turmoil. The mention of “rats in the walls” and a dance partner symbolises a descent into madness or chaos. The lyrics delve into themes of shame, self-destruction, and an impending death symbolised by the scythe of the reaper. Overall, the lyrics convey a sense of desperation, surrender, and the desire for release from torment”.

Watch below:


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