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Brighton Risers Holler Make Triumphant Return With Anthemic New Single 'Doubt'

Updated: 3 days ago

Brighton-based indie darlings Holler are back on the scene with their latest single, 'Doubt' a vibrant and atmospheric track that showcases the band's distinctive blend of indie, alternative, and shoegaze influences. With its rich instrumentation, emotive vocals, and infectious melodies, 'Doubt' reaffirms Holler's position as one of the most exciting acts to emerge in recent months.

Following a wave of critical acclaim and landing coveted spots on Spotify Editorials like Fresh Finds UK & IE and Fresh Finds: Class of 2023, Holler has swiftly made a name for themselves on a national scale. Teaming up with acclaimed producer Guy Page (known for his work with Coach Party), the band's signature guitar-led sound shines brighter than ever on 'Doubt' with its stylistic blend of reverb-soaked whimsy and infectious energy.

The single bursts to life with a wall of bubbling atmospherics, distorted guitars, and driving rhythms, setting the stage for the silky smooth, haunting vocals that glide over the verses with melancholic ease. As the track builds, it blooms into an anthemic chorus, propelled by a vibrant earworm vocal line that soars above the intense musical backdrop. Closing on a climactic and atmospheric instrumental, 'Doubt' leaves listeners enveloped in an ethereal wash of sound.

Reflecting on the inspiration behind the single, the band shares, "Doubt was written about a close friend's struggles with entering a new relationship, navigating feelings of uncertainty and vulnerability. It's about overcoming doubts and fears to build trust and connection with someone."

Listen below:



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