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Brit Expat Ella Rosa Gets a Hand From Rapper 24HRS on New Single "Just Me"

It takes a powerhouse to match the energy of a larger-than-life rapper, but pop-R&B singer Ella Rosa fits the bill just perfectly. Her new single "Just Me" featuring rapper 24hrs is one that is a perfect mix of the two genres, pulling at the best parts of both and creating a specific sound that is, quintessentially, Ella.

Giving a nod to her upbringing in Reading, England, "Just Me" is one that pushes the boundaries, much like Ella has after moving from England to New York and then, again, to LA. The banjo intro is something people wouldn't typically feature on a track deemed R&B + pop, but that's just how Ella works: always including facets to songs that wouldn't make sense for any other artist, but works perfectly for her.

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