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Brooklyn-based Rodney Hazard showcases his versatility on 'High and Low'

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

Drawing from a deep well of artistic inspiration, Rodney Hazard is a product of his unconventional creative approach. The well-rounded creative virtuoso displays his wide-ranging versatility on his single, “High and Low”, from his latest album Emergency!, out now via Le Loup Studios. The track is a feel-good banger packed into a modern R&B aesthetic, striking a perfect timeless balance between old and new.

“High and low is about those peaks and valleys we have in life,” Rodney says. “One second you're up the next you're down but that's what life is. It's all about being prepared to be at your peak and what to do once you're in a valley…. Can't stay in either place, change is constant.”

Rodney Hazard is a music producer, creative director, and the founder of Le Loup Studios based in Brooklyn, New York. He boasts an impressive repertoire of musical and visual art collaborations with his lucid, emotive production. He's worked with artists including multi-platinum recording artist Bipolar Sunshine, members of the A$AP Mob, Heavy D, Meyhem Lauren, AZ, Joe Budden, and many more. 

Photo credit: @createdbyjarrod

As the co-founder and headlining DJ of the New York City resident party, NVRSleep, he's on a unique mission to blend his love of design and passion for music to empower creatives. As a musician and DJ, he has performed across the U.S, Europe, and in Canada. He's played with Future, Run The Jewels, Alchemist, Buddy, Mannie Fresh, and has even gone on international tours on his own accord. Rodney facilitates a variety of audiovisual experiences and shoots content across the world, fostering a sense of inclusivity amongst his audiences.



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