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Building a Career In Music: Insights from Andy Day, Founder and CEO of Capital A

In this episode of the Liberty Music PR podcast, host Bee Adamic sits down with Andy Day, CEO and Founder of Capital A: M&A for agencies. Andy takes us on a journey through his career in the music industry, from his time at 115 Management, Jools Holland's management company, to founding the hugely popular online magazine 'Gigwise'. Today, Andy focuses on identifying and supporting agencies through selling their businesses with his latest venture,

As a seasoned professional in the music industry, Andy also shares his favourite social media platforms for musicians and gives some tips on how to make waves online. He also talks about how mindfulness has helped him through some of his most difficult times.

Overall, this episode is packed with invaluable information and insight for musicians looking to make it in the industry. With his wealth of experience, Andy offers a clear look at how he built his career into what it is today, and shares some great inside stories along the way. Tune in to hear from one of the industry's most respected leaders.

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