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Bvrden return with the electrifying new single 'Moonlight'

When London-based duo Bvrden released their breakthrough debut single 'Dangerous' in 2020, they were greeted as one of the more exciting names on the rise that year. Following it up with the dynamic offerings 'Ballad Of A Daydreamer' and 'Lies' in the months afterwards only added fuel to their enigmatic fire. But now after a two-year break from new material, they are back once again to deliver their electrifying new outing 'Moonlight'.

Exploding back onto the scene with a bold and cacophonous mix of pounding drums and soaring guitar hooks, 'Moonlight' is exactly the kind of track you keep your fans waiting for. Channelling a rich and immersive indie-rock direction that occasionally taps into a classic Oasis sound at times, they are maintaining their reputation as one of the capital's more mesmerising rising talents.

While their original efforts certainly developed their vibrant aesthetic, 'Moonlight' sees them build upon those initial foundations with gusto from start to finish. While a two-year break can sometimes spell creative trouble for most bands, Bvrden have shown that taking their time always produces golden results and we can't wait to hear where they are taking their sound next.

Enjoy 'Moonlight' below.


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