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Caleb Hawley brings his best on new single 'Tell Me What it's Like to Have a Dream Come True'

Caleb Hawley is a singer-songwriter from Harlem whose latest release is a stunning and poignant ballad. ”Tell Me What it's Like to Have a Dream Come True," is a self-produced throwback to the classic mid-tempo ballads of the ’80s that winds through gritty R&B, raunchy rock ‘n’ roll, and pop. 

Discussing the track, Caleb said, 

“The lyrics are some of the questions that run through my head when I witness my friends seemingly break through barriers, reaching the heights I’ve long pursued, but have yet to realize. I have an inkling that these dreams are an illusion, and are unlikely to bring the peace of mind I’m hoping for.  Still can’t hurt to ask.”

The video features a roster of celebrities discussing their ambitions and dream, and proves to be a certified must-watch.



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