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California's Linuss delivers the shimmering new single 'Go To Her'

Photo: Sheldon Botler

Ever since he first emerged with his breakthrough debut single 'Test Flight' last year, Los Angeles-based artist Linuss has been on a captivating journey. Churning out a wealth of remarkably bright and alluring singles every few months, he is quickly cementing himself as one of the more exciting names rising today, and now look to continue that vibrant ascent on the dreamy new single 'Go To Her'.

Much like what we have come to expect from him this past year, 'Go To Her' marks another beautifully composed addition to his ever-growing catalogue. Developing more of that smooth and shimmering aesthetic we have come to love him for, his newest delight is a sweet and embracing cut, perfectly suited to these ever-warming summer days.

Speaking about the track, he said, “For me, this song tells the story of someone lying their way out of a relationship out of shame and fear of hurting the other person. All the while this person is on the fence about whether they wanna stay with you or not, so you have to be the one to step up and say you’re done. Otherwise they’re just gonna keep hurting you, even if they don’t want to.”

It may have come off the back of an extremely busy run for the artist, but 'Go To Her' still makes for a wonderfully distinctive and explorative listen. With a sound that is always searching for fresh and exciting directions in which to pursue, he is quickly becoming one of our favourites names doing the rounds right now.

Enjoy 'Go To Her' below.



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