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Cam Cole cracks out the killer riffs on his explosive new album 'Unleash'

Photo: Tom Morton

Ever since he released his breakthrough debut album 'I See' in 2019, London's Cam Cole has been moving from strength to strength. With a number of cuts from that record garnering millions of streams each, he has quickly established himself as one of the more exciting names on the rise of late, and now looks to continue that upward ascent on his latest LP 'Unleash'.

Much like what we have heard from him already, his latest full-length is a rip-roaring, hip-shaking collection of some of the most raucous blues-rock we have ever heard. Kicking things off with the stunning single 'Truth Be Told', 'Unleash' has this truly uncompromising nature to it, delivering some stellar grooves and killer riffs as often as possible.

With each track arriving under the weight of some seriously heavy elements and textures throughout, it feels like 'Unleash' is one of those rare beasts that never seems to have an off moment. Brimming with fresh and inventive ideas throughout, Cam Cole is certainly a name deserving of much greater recognition.

Enjoy 'Unleash' below.

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