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Canada's Marginalia introduce themselves with their compelling debut single 'Dances You Absorbed'

When a band or group first look to break out onto the scene, there is always great pressure to find something new and interesting to help them stand out. But for Canada's Marginalia, that innovation feels far more natural than most as they introduce themselves with their compelling debut single 'Dances You Absorbed'.

Blending a broad and diverse mix of influences that see them explore a multitude of dynamic ideas throughout, this initial venture is a beautifully warm and progressive introduction to what they have to offer. With its bold and euphoric atmosphere building and swelling throughout, 'Dances You Absorbed' feels like the beginning of an incredibly inventive journey for the group.

Very rarely do we come across a name brimming with this much adventurous spirit right from the off, but Marginalia already come across so commanding with their presence here. Fresh and enigmatic at every turn, we are more than eager to hear what else they have in store for us in the future as well.

Enjoy 'Dances You Absorbed' below.



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