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Canadian duo Wotts lure us in on the mesmerising new single 'blue'

Over the last few years, Canadian duo Wotts have stood as one of the more enchanting names doing the rounds. With a wealth of warm and riveting psych-pop efforts under their belts already, they are back to lure us into their cosy little world with the vibrant new single 'blue'.

Marked as the second piece of new material lifted from their forthcoming debut EP 'garden' after the recently delivered delight 'wheel', their newest outing is a beautifully fresh and alluring slice of atmospheric gold. Bringing back more of that riveting aesthetic that has proven so captivating in recent years, 'blue' stands as one of their most exciting and immersive releases to date.

While these last few years remain littered with a flurry of exciting gems from the pair, 'blue' feels like a positive step forward within their musical evolution to date. With this incredibly progressive and proficient direction running throughout its length, their new EP looks set to cement them as one of the brightest and more innovative names on the scene today.

Enjoy 'blue' below.

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