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Canadian newcomer Liam Docherty breaks free on his soaring debut single 'Gemini Rising'

Photo: Craig Letourneau

Very rarely do we get to come across an artist brimming with so much potential and intrigue. But that is exactly what we have found in Canadian artist Liam Docherty, who has recently released his tantalising debut single 'Gemini Rising'.

Capturing a beautifully rich and alluring atmosphere throughout his initial effort, 'Gemini Rising' makes for a powerfully bold introduction to his dynamic direction. Channelling the sprawling energy of psychedelic 70s prog-rock outfits, albeit with a modern edge to boot, his first outing is this warm and embracing listen that highlights some wonderfully inventive songwriting from beginning to end.

Adding about the new track, he said, "The song is inspired by my study of Greek Mythology and specifically the mythology of the Gemini star constellation. The themes are experienced by all of us, every day, as we go about our lives, specifically; separation, loss, longing, love, and reunification. The song is about two people who have been separated and are destined to overcome all odds to reunite."

While he has only just started his journey, 'Gemini Rising' already cements him as one of the more exciting names ascending right now. Lifted from his debut album, which is set to land at the end of June, we can't wait to hear what else he has in store for us on his new full-length as well.

Enjoy 'Gemini Rising' below.



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