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Carina Torres releases charismatic new track 'Count On Me'

Singer-songwriter Carina Torres is back with an infectious new single 'Count on Me'. Receiving a great reception whenever she's performed the track live, this is Carina's fourth release to date. Tapping into a more R&B, indie-pop soundscape, the track is a guiding light and a reassuring contender in the hectic industry. Bathed with gorgeous vocals and melodies that will live in your brain for days, this is a commanding number with layers of personality.

Speaking about her new release, Carina shares, “Count on Me is a love song through and through. It is about really wanting to keep someone around and saying that you are there for them the same way they are there for you. You might not be able to fully describe it but you know the feeling is there, the love is strong and you don’t want it to go away.”


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