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Carson Aday channels a romantic heart on new single 'Molly'

Ever since he delivered his breakthrough album 'Midnight On A Flower Moon' in 2021, Dallas-based artist Carson Aday has been greeted as one of the shinier names on the rise right now. And with the release of his stirring comeback single 'Chest Pain' still ringing in our ears from earlier this year, he is back once again to offer up the tender new offering 'Molly'.

Much like what we have come to love about him so far, 'Molly' captures a wonderfully warm and inviting aura, perfectly reflecting his own heartfelt approach to songwriting. Keeping the rich and romantic vibes as high as possible throughout this new effort, he showcases some of his most heartwarming aesthetics to date on this soaring new delight.

Produced by the multi-platinum and Grammy-award winning Mikal Blue, 'Molly' is one of those rare additions to the underground music scene that really strikes an emotional chord with the listener. Clearly an artist brimming with emotive prowess, he is cementing himself as a true beacon of captivating and passionate ideas with this new one.

Enjoy 'Molly' below.



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