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Cassia releases bubbly new EP ‘Home Soon…’

Wrapping up their most critically acclaimed run of singles to date, Cassia has released their new EP ‘Home Soon’. The three-piece indie-poppers have used the project to move their sound forward, introducing elements of more emotional and vulnerable themes into their gloriously summery sound. The project is still plenty playful throughout, with superb grooves and bright melodies maintaining the gentle joy that has made Cassia the impressive outfit they are today.

The band dive into the release, “This latest batch of songs took us on a bit of a journey out of our usual surroundings; each song was written in a different place on the globe some of them with good friends of ours and we felt that gave us a new lease of life creatively. I think you can really hear the energy captured in the room of tracks like circular motion, and in songs like gamma rays I can almost hear the whirring of the planes engine in the background when listening to it. We didn’t have an idea going into this EP of any sort of lyrical theme however as we finished more and more tracks, one started to naturally appear. Summed up the EP is based around life cycles. I feel that l always struggle to cope with chapters drawing to a natural close because it forces me to change what is comfortable, it is just a natural response of mine and so these songs act as an outlet for me, some tracks reminded me of the positive outcomes that come off the back of change, whilst some songs were jotted down during a painful switch of reality.”

Cassia’s musical journey has been marked by a series of successes leading up to the new EP. Following their acclaimed 2022 album ‘Why You Lacking Energy?’, the bank embarked on a creative exploration, with frontman Rob Ellis writing and collaborating across various global locations. After establishing their dreamy seaside sound all the way back in 2017, the band have garnered over 75 million Spotify streams, and sold-out shows, and received recognition from BBC Radio 1. As they’ve progressed the core Cassia DNA has always remained the same, with their infectious energy captivating a growing audience worldwide.



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