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Cellz and Fred Red release the ethereal ‘short cut’

The Munich-based singer, songwriter and saxophone extraordinaire Cellz first emerged in 2020, with his DIY recording and performing style delivering immersive new experiences. His constant collaboration on a global scale has mean rapid evolution for his sound, working with the likes of Fatbabs (France), Depart (Turkey) and Blue Glass (Antigua).

For his new single ‘short cut’ he’s teamed up with the Berlin-based DJ/producer Fred Red, who has shown his talents across the start of the 2020s. His debut album ‘Grimus’ was released on German Label ‘Sichtexot’ in 2021, in which he collaborated with vocalist Maura.

‘short cut’ is a track that, though short, manages to build into something truly momentous. Starting with squealing synth melodies and gentle, reverberant guitar chords. The track steadily layers harmonies and counter melodies within Cellz’ vocal performance, panning and effects taking these performances to another level of ethereality. Soft saxophone melodies are then built in, swirling around the listener as the climax is interrupted by a old-school hip-hop rhythms, letting the energy fade away.

Cellz adds on the track, “I think we managed to create something elegant yet gangster and I'm so glad I finally got to work with Fred Red.”


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