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Cereus Bright captivates with his tender new single 'Boys'

Photo: Ross Bustin

After delighting us to a wealth of rich and riveting gems this past year, self-adorned "freak-folk" artist Cereus Bright recently delivered his latest EP 'Boys', highlighted by its tender title-track.

Much like what this new collection has in store for us, 'Boys' is a beautifully warm and emotive offering from the enigmatic frontman. With his rich and dazzling vocals spread across a warm and inviting production throughout, he is certainly looking to serenade us with this wistful new delight.

Speaking about the new track, he said, “This song began years ago when I heard a story about my grandfather. He was a hard, complicated figure in our family, but then I learned he had been sent to boarding school at three because his mother didn't want to raise him. It sent me into an investigation of cause and effect. It's essential to reckon with the people or institutions that have affected us or hurt us, but some times truly understanding is impossible. At the very least, it's grey. To me, Boys is about just that – the people or things that hurt us often love us too. It doesn't all fit neatly in a box. For a video, I wanted to complicate the song and push into a harsher tone. The team did an incredible job adding layers of complexity to the song. What are the forces we're fighting? What do they want from us? Can we resist?”


While it's video director Follow the Leader added, "‘Boys’ speaks to a lot - and part of our challenge was exploring the track’s themes in a way that left them open ended but still felt personal to our shared experiences. As we dug into the music, we kept coming back to surrealism and nested realities as the best way to do that. In the end it’s really about internalization and what the consequences of it can be — how that looks different for everyone.”


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