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Ceyeo releases the well-penned album ‘Baby I Care’

Ceyeo is an artist based in Chicago who is inspired by the protest songs and poetry of the 60s and 70s. Combining conscious hip-hop, EDM and R&B, Ceyeo subverts expectations with each new release. After releasing his debut album ‘Machine Learning in 2022’, the artist returns with a new full-length project ‘Baby I Care’.

On the new project, Ceyeo opens with ‘Shadow Of Blue’, setting listeners up for 11 tracks and 32 minutes of eclectic genre-blending with a spacious and lushly arranged anthem. Across the projects twangs of psych rock, prog rock, jazz and hip-hop all make their appearances, leading to entirely new songwriting perspectives wrapped up in thoughtful lyricism.

Ceyeo adds, “The four little bombs that propel me forward. The four necessary poisons that keep me up at night.

The first album, “Machine Learning,” was released in the Fall of 2022. This was the Growth Album. The songs “Broken,” “Not Better“ and “U Can’t Hide” are examples of what I was going for, growth and the need for transformation, despite the obstacles in your path.

My new album, “Baby I Care,” is the Hope Album. While songs, like “Progress,” “Baby I Care,” and “Imposter,” are more personal to me, songs like “Shadow of Blue,” “Lost” and “Visualize” are written for anyone that struggles for hope in a world that oppresses based on socioeconomic, race, gender, sexuality and neurological factors. I hope this album finds you well. I hope you find this album enjoyable.”


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