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Charlie Noiir returns with fierce new hip-hop single 'Poltergeist'

Toronto possesses a vibrant and energetic hip-hop/rap scene, with colourful collective STAYOUTLATE now a mainstay in the scene and leading the way among a host of other multi-talented artists. A member of the aforementioned is Charlie Noiir, who as well as this has embarked on a debut solo album this year, with this own brand of electronic hip-hop.

The second single taken from this is the hauntingly wonderful and vulnerable 'Poltergeist'. Dissecting the relationships he has with this family, friends and music in this one, it's an emotional number from Noiir, who also showcases his abilities as a songwriter with his superbly written lyricism and also effortless switch up between rapping and singing can only be admired.

The stunning video has just dropped for this too, directed by Shak Chandra. This energetic performance shows Charlie up close and personal trying to paint a picture of his mental state and the clock continuously ticking throughout to symbolise his worries and the realisation of lost time. The song closes on an uplifting moment however, with a harmonious instrumental and Noiir walking off into the sunset to encompass the spirit of new beginnings.

“Wrote this song on one of those days when people were asking me if I was okay and my answer was a lie. If you're wondering right now though, I'm in a bless space and that's on big bro. ‘Poltergeist’ is my next offering to y'all. My hope is that it encourages everyone who hears it to push through whatever holds them back...”

Check out 'Poltergeist' on Spotify too:

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