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Chaz Cardigan's New Holograma EP

Having proved his talent with the release of Vulnerabilia back in February, the soulful electro-pop artist Chaz Cardigan has released his new EP Holograma.

The Nashville based artist prides himself on his emotional charged high-energy tracks, as he aims to grow both musically and personally with every release.

Holograma boasts eight tracks, each a unique blend of classic pop beats and electronic synths, as his vocal style alternates between heartfelt singing and a spoken word style delivery. Opening with ‘Everything’s Wrong’ that showcases the diverse and distinctive talents of Chaz Cardigan. Alternatively, latest single ‘Room’ is an emotional dreamlike track filled with a sense of reminiscence and longing for youthful love.

Chaz Cardigan on the EP:

“All of the songs are about looking back on old memories and re-contextualizing them, seeing everything in a new light now that I know myself better and I’m way more secure in who I am. The songs came from the shifting of ideas and shifting of perceptions, and I saw them as these iridescent, shimmering colors, like a hologram.”

You can listen to Chaz Cardigan’s Holograma below!