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Che Arthur delivers the anthemic new single 'The Silver'

Ever since he first emerged, Chicago's Che Arthur has never been one to bend to conventional norms. Always seeking out new and fascinating textures in which to take his distinctive alt-rock sound, he now continues that inventive streak as he delivers his anthemic new single 'The Silver'.

Linking up with the recently shared outing 'No Harbor' in previewing his fourth studio album 'For That Which Now Lies Fallow', which is due out soon, his latest endeavour sees him explore some of the more raucous sides to his sound. Brimming with this raw and unbridled power from start to finish, 'The Silver' is one of those truly euphoric releases that never relents once it gets going.

While there have certainly been some great additions to his catalogue over the years, 'The Silver' is something really special within his repertoire. With this bold and ferocious tone to it, his next LP will certainly be one to check out when it arrives.



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