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Chichester Duo McLeish And Spencer Return with Beautiful New Single 'Falling Away'

Signed to Chichester record label Novium Records, indie-go-alt-rock duo McLeish & Spencer are back with their new single 'Falling Away'. Ewan McLeish (lead vocals, guitar) and Matt Spencer (lead guitar, backing vocals) have already set the scene themselves with the previous release 'I Remember', bursting onto the scene with their floating indie-pop sound. 'Falling Away' is another example of the pairs ability to channel 90's alt-rock whilst still remaining exciting and undeniably current.

Opening with Matt's bright, instantly infectious guitar riff the track already feels like a firm favourite. Ewan’s Jeff Buckley-esque vocals gently float in over a bed of strummed acoustics, and a gently rolling beat creating a chilled, breezy atmosphere akin to Radiohead's '(Nice Dream)'.

Speaking about the new single, Ewan and Matt explain: "Falling Away is a reflection of the ever changing dynamics in a relationship, romantic or friendship, and how they evolve as we grow older and look to develop ourselves."

‘Falling Away’ is out now.

Listen here:

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