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Chris Grey Grapples with a "Seamless" Love

For some, dancing between the grey can get oneself into a tricky situation. For singer/songwriter/producer Chris Grey, it meant to turn a close collaboration into something of a muse. His latest track "Seamless" explores this as he asks himself the question: what does it mean when you work so closely with someone, and the partnership changes?

With a poignant, deep violin beginning the track, Grey's signature lush vocals mixes in with the introspective lyrics and narrative he's creating as he explains to the listeners what it means to have a 'seamless' relationship."My girlfriend and I had recently crossed the line between being friends and co-writers to dating,” Chris explains. “We were joking about being seamless together and also how seamlessly we had moved from working together to being a couple. She started joking around singing 'with you it's just seamless' and we both looked at each other and realized that would be a cool song. We got out of bed and instantly started bouncing off rhymes and writing the song. The song came together seamlessly!”

Giving the track a bit of grit, the bridge comes as a suprise--not entirely a heavy power ballad but a moment in the track that gives the same euphoric, powerful, unstoppable energy. “Once I finished up the song, I knew it needed a crazy guitar solo at the end, so I reached out to my guitar teacher who has done some guitar solos on a couple of my songs. He is the guitar player for Canadian metal band Operus and was the live bassist for Canadian metal band Annihilator. He's been my guitar teacher since I was 7 or 8 but lately, we have been collaborating on music.”

Take a listen now!


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