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Chris Wesson releases new track 'Where Are You?'

A sincere slice of indie rock, Chris Wesson is searching for answers in his rousing new track ‘Where Are You?’.

The first offering of the year from the Milton-based artist, it is brimming with melodic riffs and poignant lyricism, both aspects that are apparent throughout Chris’ repertoire. There’s a certain twinkle of hope to the song that tugs at the heartstrings, as he attempts to figure out which pathway he is supposed to take. Elaborating on the substance of his words, he quotes, “This song is about questioning my purpose in life and feeling lost without direction and going round in circles. Then looking for answers and asking for help, but finding that person who can say and do all the right things to make me feel calm again, is nowhere to be found. Finding the inner strength to not give up, keep living, learning, and trying a little harder. Where are you?”.

Channelling The Killers, Shed Seven and Radiohead, Chris specialises in music that is somewhat confessional, and allows fans a peek into his psyche. After a difficult upbringing, he aims to beam nothing but positive light into the industry and remind all that beneath the facade, music is the integral facet that binds us all together.

With ‘Where Are You?’ due for release soon, Chris is an artist that we all need to make acquaintance with in these troubling times.

Watch the video for 'Where Are You?' here:



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