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Christine Sako reveals indie offering 'Coda'

Indie-pop artist Christine Sako reveals a new offering in 'Coda'. Jam-packed with energetic pop elements that will leave you weak at the knees, the track was written in the Summer of 2021. Recorded at Christine's home studio, the track comes across as musically endearing and everything you'd expect from this LGBTQ+ icon. Back with indie-pop infused contender ‘Coda’, Christine had this to say about the release, "“Coda” is about the experience of having a person come back into your life and re-open a chapter in a book you thought was already well-read and closed. This reopening turns into re-writing of sorts - as emotions, conversations, and places are all revisited. It can feel like the revived relationship is being transformed into something new, or at least different, something that maybe this time will last.

But none of these changes change the outcome. Instead they end up being a temporary distraction from the inevitable retelling of the same story. The central tension of the song is on the one hand, being tired and wanting to move on and on the other, feeling compelled to relive history as it repeats itself. In spite of the desire to let go, there is an underlying friction, a tugging in the direction opposite of freedom. It’s this conflicted feeling that results in pleading with the other party to “give it a rest,” since the strength to break the pattern on one’s own isn’t quite there yet.

The word “coda” comes from a musical term in which a passage in a song (the coda) concludes a recapitulated theme. The hope is that this final rendition is truly the final adaptation in the story."


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