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CLAUDIA BOUVETTE Releases Girl Power New Single ‘Douchebag’

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

And She Announces A Debut Album Titled ‘The Paradise Club’!

Claudia Bouvette is back in a whole new light as she announces her debut full-length album ‘The Paradise Club’ (set for release in May 2022 via Bonsound). To coincide with the news, she is showcasing the first taste with her thrilling new single ‘Douchebag’ which shows Claudia Bouvette standing tall for what she truly believes in.

Douchebag is available on all music services.

This new track is accompanied by a beautiful music video directed by Soleil Denault. It recounts the story of a person who finally breaks free from the feelings that prevent her from seeing clearly in her relationships and who regains her power in a burst of transformation and strength.

The Paradise Club is a showstopper, an album where outbursts are brilliantly paired with dance steps; where frank and raw language, skilfully shifting from English to French, sails on seminal rhythms. Claudia sings about her failed and fallen loves, the drama of devastating relationships and the emotional turmoil surrounding her life, but it is above all a moving work of reconstruction, where from distress we move towards emancipation.

Watch the video for Douchebag right here.


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