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Claudia Fenoglio releases the enchanting single ‘Girlfriends On TV’

Cheshire-born, Leeds-based Claudia Fenoglio is bringing her own take on the growing UK folk scene. Her ethereal music has led to success industry and festival success with the likes of ‘19 Again’ and ‘Like It Never Was’.

The latest from Claudia is new single ‘Girlfriends On TV’. With an enchanting vocal performance, Claudia speaks directly to the heart, gentle and loving, you can hear the restrained melancholy in her voice, only adding to the depth of connection she gives to the listener. Instrumentation is inspiring, sitting quietly in the verse with chugging chords, whilst flourishing in the choruses with driving drums and radiant electric guitar melodies. The build-up and break-down of the textures and wide range of dynamics only further pulls you in to Claudia’s experience and the beauty in her writing.

On the new single, Claudia says, “Girlfriends on TV is pretty much my coming out song! During a period of self- discovery, I binged a lot of LGBTQ+ television shows and films, whilst also attempting to throw myself into meeting and connecting with new people. Girlfriends On TV balances both anxiety and excitement when coming to terms with your identity in the modern era. It's a playful, feel good indie soft rock tune that has been crafted for the sole purpose of singing it at the top of your lungs in the car.”

A continuation on a defining year for Claudia, ‘Girlfriends On TV’ leaves us with only further anticipation for what is to come.


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