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Claudia Fenoglio releases the reflective EP ‘What If I’m Here Forever?’

Angelic vocals and fresh sounds are both helping to fuel Claudia Fenoglio as a serious up-and-comer for the acoustic scene. The Leeds based artist has had a fantastic tastemaker and media reception with highlights including, BBC Introducing, Launchpad Leeds, Youth Music, Live at Leeds, Long Division, Wimin Festival, BBC 6Music and Amazing Radio. Since her emergence in 2019, she’s gone from strength to strength, with her latest run of singles being the best received so far.

Debut EP ‘What If I’m Here Forever?’ is a project that became highly anticipated thanks to the singles ‘Girlfriends On TV’, ‘Alaska’ and ‘Forever’. Now the project is out in the world, new track ‘Stay With You’ joins the roster, helping Claudia to wrap up the EP with grace, poise and strength, with a climactic final chorus that epitomises the wistfully angelic soundscapes the she brings to her music. Whether taking on influences from folk, p op or rock, Fenoglio consistently brings in lead vocals drenched in emotion to the ethereal instrumentation. Relatable but still challenging, the lyrics dance around the themes, leaving room for your own introspection. Soft hums to cinematic moments, Claudia is sure to continue building her sound in 2024.

Diving into the project, Claudia shares, “The songs on this record all came about in the same way; sitting on my bed with my acoustic guitar, mumbling melodies into my phone. After figuring out the melodic foundations of each song, I would spend hours envisioning how I wanted them to sound in my head and compiling playlists of inspirations.

I would then become attached to certain words and moments in my head that I wanted to write about, and I’d begin to write out the lyrics and tell a story. I was half influenced by my own life experiences, including past and present relationships, nostalgia and queer love, and also the relationships and characters off of television shows that I love. The track ‘Alaska’ was written about the tumultuous relationship between Villanelle and Eve, from Killing Eve.

After sending some extremely rough demos of each song to my friend and producer Tim Malkin (Talkboy and Fizzy Blood), we’d enter The Green Room studio fully caffeinated and ready to record. For each song, we would track drums first which was a new experience for me, mainly because it was vital that we could be blessed with Sam Newham’s (Heir) extraordinary talent, to get the creative juices flowing.

Between recording a vast number of vocal takes (due to being a perfectionist) and spewing rogue descriptive words at Tim of how I would like each particular guitar note to sound, we created four songs that I am immensely proud of and reflect whole- heartedly the life of a 25-year-old girl, who is still trying to figure everything out.



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