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  • Paul Riley

Club Noir Reveal Sensational New Single "Reload"

Hip-hop group Club Noir have shared their incredible new single, “Reload”. Based in Phoenix and formed by rappers Elijah NX, Alex G and Elijah’s brother Isus, the group have already begun to amass a following since arriving on the scene just last year and will no doubt soar to new heights with this latest release. Continuing with their dark, late-night signature soundscapes, it’s one of the group’s most confident efforts to date.

“Reload” showcases the breadth of talent and versatility within the group, highlighting their vocal prowess, thought-provoking lyrics and variable rap flows that fit perfectly with the track’s trap-infused hip-hop production. And with their knack for memorable melodies and toplines also on full display, as heard loud and clear during the track’s anthemic hook, its replay factor is undeniable.

Lyrically, the song can draw several meanings but ultimately is about not giving up but instead reloading. Expanding further, the group say, “‘Reload’ can mean different things to different people. We wrote the song about life on the streets, but there can also be a double meaning. From our perspective, we’re just saying we are not quitting, we are not intimidated, and we are not backing down from what we do. This philosophy is also played out in the way we approach being in the music industry. There’s nothing passive about Club Noir.”

With another impressive track under their belt to add to their young discography, it’s clear Club Noir are an act to pay close attention to and watch out for this year and beyond, as what’s been delivered so far points to a huge future ahead. And the group have no plans of slowing down anytime soon. Already on their fifth single of the year, and with an album also in the works, they have more music lined up for the months to come and will surely continue to go from strength to strength.

“Reload” is available to buy/stream now on all platforms.

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