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Colouring captures a warm and tender energy on new single 'Lune'

Ever since he first emerged on the scene, Nottingham-based artist and producer Colouring has always looked to conjure a more illustrious atmosphere than most. And with millions of streams under his belt already for some of his most remarkable work over the years, he now looks to continue that vibrant ascent as he delivers his immersive new single 'Lune'.

Arriving in the wake of his much-loved 2021 LP 'Wake', his latest outing is another bright and shining example of his progressive sound to date. Bustling with this beautifully arranged texture that sweeps and swoons throughout, 'Lune' sees him return to the fold with a wonderfully enchanting delight, brimming with warm and tender energy from start to finish.

Always searching for new and innovative avenues in which to explore, Colouring has truly outdone himself this time around. With such a rich and heartfelt approach to everything he does, 'Lune' could go down as one of his most compelling pieces of material so far in his already exceptional career.

Enjoy 'Lune' below.



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