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Conrad Ashton drops new single for the first time since April 2021 titled "Hi Hi Hello"

"Hi Hi Hello", Conrad Ashton's new single, delves into the complexities of love, exploring the struggle to find the right words for one's significant other. It encapsulates the challenges faced when attempting to express deep emotions while acknowledging the rare and precious connection with a partner who chooses to stay by your side through thick and thin.

In his own words, Ashton shares his excitement about the single, stating, "Quite simply about being in love and not having the words sometimes for your other half. Others may not have stayed around, but this one has."

This heartfelt sentiment underscores the raw authenticity and vulnerability that the artist brings to his music, creating a profound connection with his audience. The track's honest lyricism and enchanting melodies will undoubtedly resonate with audiences worldwide.

Listen to the new single below:

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