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Cormac Liotta explores a new sound on his latest EP 'I Bought A New Pedal.'

In these last few years, Los Angeles' Cormac Liotta has looked to establish himself as one of the more diverse names on the rise. With a flurry of immersive releases, usually collaborating with another exciting underground artist, his output has been this wildly inventive and immersive run of dazzling delights. And having just ramped up his musical hardware, he looks to celebrate his recent purchase with the charming new EP 'I Bought A New Pedal.'.

What seems most surprising about his newest collection is its extremely short runtime. With only one of the three tracks even passing a minute in length, 'I Bought A New Pedal.' feels more like a string of unrehearsed improvisations rather than a fully fleshed-out release. But despite its spritely length, this new EP delivers some wonderfully bright and vivid moments, held aloft by his own dynamic aesthetic throughout.

It may be one of the shortest EPs we have come across in quite some time, but 'I Bought A New Pedal.' gives us all a great insight into his adventurous ideals as an artist. Always ready to put something new and interesting out into the world, Cormac Liotta is another shining light emerging from the US scene right now.



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