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Cris Cap shares warm single ‘Angel In My Room’

After the success of his previous single ‘Show My Love’, Cris Cap is collaborating again, this time with UGENE NGHT on a grooving new single ‘Angel In My Room’. Speaking to Cap’s ethereal experience aged 21, one which saw him witness an angel in his hospital bed after a basketball accident, the track has well-penned lyricism and and a gracious atmosphere. Between gently nostalgic and glimmering melodies, come soaring vocal lines and rich harmonies that once again show Cris Cap’s impressive songwriting prowess.

He shares, "I never forgot what happened to me when I found myself undergoing surgery under general anaesthesia.

Waking up in a hazy post-op recovery room, I experienced something truly extraordinary. Picture this: I'm in that delicate space between deep slumber and fleeting consciousness. I summon just enough strength to crack open my heavy eyelids. There, bathed in the soft glow of a bright window, stands a nurse, clad in pristine white. She speaks to me softly, but in my daze, the words elude me. This surreal dance between wakefulness and the dreamlike state went on for what felt like many hours or days. To me, she was more than a nurse; she was an angel sent from above. The memory of that encounter never left me."

Based in Germany, Cris Cap is an instrumentalist and songwriter who brings together contemporary influences like Tom Misch, with the 70s and 80s flair of Steely Dan, Al Green, and Chaka Khan. First embracing his musicality at 12, Cap has gone on to have an eclectic career as both an audio engineer and TV director, whilst growing in his songwriting ability along the way. Gracing stages across Europe, Cris Cap is certainly one to watch for his funk-fuelled track.

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